About Us

Natto Auto & Engineering Sdn Bhd was incorporated on 29 July 2010. Registered in Malaysia with Companies Commission of Malaysia. Registered with the Ministry of Finance. (No. of registration is 909921-A)

We offer comprehensive one-stop solutions that cover various supply and repair electrical, electronic and accessories for truck and bus industries, particularly in CCTV, DVR, GPS real-time tracking system, LED board/lighting, LED/LCD display and monitor and etc.

With the support from our dedicated skill personnel, we established an integrated 12V/24V DC Air Conditioning and refrigeration the system especially for folk lift and mini truck.

Our Vision
  To become the market leader in providing quality products and solution.

Our Mission
  To become top quality services provider in delivering our product,pre-sals and post-sale technical support for all the product that we sell.
  To work closely with our principals, manufacturers and ecosystem partners to provide the best solution for our customers.
  Through its more than 20 years of operations, Natto Auto & Engineering Sdn Bhd is proud to be associated with notable companies and government bodies in the supply of its expertise and technical ability.

Corporate Mission

  Customer Satisfaction
Building on a foundation of trust and credibility, we will ensure the satisfaction and loyalty of our valued customer to deliver value product at the right time

  Reliable and Effective
Our value is not only found in our competitive prices, our superior quality and service that truly makes the difference, but also in our concept of providing the business enterprise with a one-stop source and soliciting long-term business relationships.

  Efficiency and High Quality
We are committed to efficiency and high-quality standards to achieve our aims and we are committed no less to a dedicated approach to ensure consistency and credibility.

  Team Spirit
We are a strong team comprised of talented, committed and professional individuals giving their fullest effort in every aspect to the customer and company every day and every time.